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A&S Taxis have years of experience in getting people, shopping and luggage safely to their destinations. They have several drivers ready to make deliveries as required, day or night; weekday or weekend.

They offer the convenience using tap to pay card services so you do not need to use cash.

All of their drivers hold a public service vehicle (PSV) permit. Each driver has an up to date police DBS, is fully trained in Guernsey driving and has a full medical. Some of the drivers are trained in the safe carriage of vulnerable adults and children with different needs.

Contact A&S Taxis: 07781 155 545

Tap & Go. 
Payment can be done over the phone for any transport by card details by calling 07781 155 545 only. If you wish to pay Tap or Cash please call 07781 125 544.

Statement from A&S Taxis
“The times we are now facing, we more than ever wish to help the People of Guernsey. This is why we have teamed up with Submarine to try and help you all out. We have discounted our cost as low as we could, but however with no Tax cut on Fuel or support from The Sates of Guernsey, we do still have staff to support and running costs. This is why we can`t offer this service for free, but have put a small cost in to show our true support to the island but also cover our running costs. The great thing with working with local company it means we will monitor the situation to see if further discounts can be given in the future.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to Guernsey and are happy that we can extend this service by providing deliveries and emergency services to the community during these times.”

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"a convenient and safe service that reduces contact within our community"
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