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How it works

Guernsey shoppers can browse the various participating retailers in ShopGuernsey's Directory. 

Find out which businesses are open and which are delivering.

You can arrange a time to have the order delivered with the shop or arrange other delivery methods if required.  We have partnered with AS Taxis if you wish to arrange your own delivery from multiple Guernsey shops so that you can be reassured that your orders will arrive safely and securely.

Businesses and customers can deal directly with each other to build relationships.

Family, friends and neighbours can make an order for each other, supporting the more vulnerable in our community.

We have prioritised this project so that Guernsey can make use of the service as quickly as possible.  There will be improvements and additional features as official recommendations, demand and feedback continues. Shop Guernsey - Shop safely.


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Why Submarine built this site

We have been advised to limit human contact as far as possible outside our own households. This website has been created to help the community access goods and supplies in the safest possible way during this time of social distancing.  We hope to keep store workers safer by reducing the number of people physically visiting essential shops and other retail businesses. You can shop on behalf of your family, friends and neighbours and have the orders delivered directly to their homes.

We are not seeking to make a profit from this initiative although we wish to cover a contribution towards the on-going running costs. This will be generated with limited charges to the business owners providing goods.


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"a convenient and safe service that reduces contact within our community"
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