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Business owners

Business owners continue to service your customers and let others know of your services. Protect your staff, customers and the greater community by reducing the number of customers visiting your shop or take-away. As you will be communicating directly with your customers rather than an agent, you will be able to build on your relationship with them and help discover the demand for certain products.

With a FREE profile you will be able to list your products without having to deal with the tech side - just mail details to us and we'll add them for you. No worries about people ordering out of stock items that can happen with 3rd party seller because you can check availability as you take orders.

There is an island of people looking to buy goods and have them safely delivered to their homes. Word of mouth is quite effective but people are still demanding a central location where they can find out what businesses are operating. Facebook is quite useful in reaching people but not everyone is on Facebook and due to the way Facebook works, any posts can quickly be lost within hours in a series of other posts.

  • Quickly display a list of products online – no tech knowledge needed.
  • Keep telephone line open for orders – display list of frequently asked questions online to reduce the number of non-order related calls.
  • Display your contact details – email, phone, website, WhatsApp etc.
  • For hedge veg etc. show your location on Google Maps.
  • List your payment methods.
  • Develop a relationship with your customers.
  • Staff who do not wish to be customer facing can come back to work to tend to phone and online orders.
  • Reduce time spent on the phone.
  • Help the community by letting people know of your services.
  • Assistance given in using Google Maps so customers can send delivery location on a map.

Whatever your technical experience, whether you are a fisherman looking to sell your catch, a person running hedge veg, a small shop, a large chain of shops or already have an e-commerce store, www.shopguernsey can assist you and your customers.

We have partnered with AS Taxis to provide affordable, safe and secure deliveries to save you on the burden of arranging your own delivery service. has been created by local company Submarine. Submarine has been operating for over 20 years.  We understand that technology isn’t easy for everyone so we will be available to assist in helping you getting your shop online.

Contact us for more information or sign up using the links below.


  • Directory Listing only - FREE
  • FREE
  • Listed in the directory with a link to your exiting site and contact details.
  • Sign Up
  • Business Profile with shopfront
  • FREE
  • a page describing your business with logo plus:
    • Products list
    • Payment information
    • Accept orders by phone or email
    • FAQs (reduce enquiry only calls)
    • Terms and conditions and privacy statements
    • Delivery information
    • Contact details
    • Optional own domain name
    • Optional email accounts
    • Examples here and here
  • Sign Up
  • Online Shop
  • £ - please enquire (weekly, monthly, one-off payment plans)
  • As dedicated pages plus:
    • Product pages as per e-comm store
    • Product images
    • Shopping basket
    • Order details confirmation mailed to shop
    • Ability to take orders 24 hours a day
    • Optional online payments
    • Optional own domain name
    • Optional email accounts
  • Sign Up
  • Online Secure Payment facility
  • £ - please enquire
  • Accept online payments
    • Can hook up with existing website
    • Offer customers secure payment online instead of over the phone
    • PayPal, credit card, debit card
  • Sign Up



Operating period: operated during the stay-at-home and restricted movement period and will continue until things return to normal. Should any business owner wish to continue using when things return to normal, please let us know.


Payments via online banking or PayPal.

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